The Benefits of Physical Education

Basketball Hoop from P.E. Class

Basketball Hoop from P.E. Class

We’ve all been told that it is beneficial for children to have physical education in school, but why? Surely, it is important to exercise but that can be done after or before school. This leaves it up to the parents who don’t always have the time or money to put their children in extra curricular activities. It’s so much more important than just the exercise, just look at the first benefit below:

Children are More Active Outside of School 

Studies have shown that children who have P.E. in their schools are more likely to be active outside of class. This shows it is not necessarily their family environment alone that is affecting their participation in athletics.

Children are More Active Mentally As Well

Having kids move or just walk, even if its for 15 to 30 minutes helps stimulate their muscles and their minds. This has been proven over and over again through bran scans and various studies showing a strong correlation between fitness scores and academic scores.

Teaching Lessons for Life

In an ideal world, we will all remember everything we learn from school. Unfortunately this is not the case. The physical training from P.E. classes is always a part of their day so it becomes habit. Children who take part in P.E. classes are 2x less likely to be inactive later in life. The United States is the second most obese country in the world and just under a half of schools still don’t offer P.E.

Teaches Students to Work With Each other

One of the benefits of having P.E. class is that teachers can have children take part in activities that promote working together. This teaches respect for the other students, how to build peer relationships, work with a team and higher self confidence.


Physical education in schools remains to be a hot topic. Let’s make sure our children have P.E. in school.