Top Universities In Canada

Right across the river from Buffalo, New York is Fort Erie, Canada. And though Canadian share a lot of similarities with their American counterparts, there are some distinct differences. Canadian universities offer competitive education programs at steep discounts compared to private or out of state universities in the U.S.


If you’re considering this option here is a list of some of the top universities in Canada:

University of Toronto

This university is best known for its contribution to important research. There contributions to stem cell research and insulin have been well documented. They are the most well-funded research university in Canada and is a member of the association of American Universities. In US News and World Report University of Toronto is ranked #14 in the world.

University of British Columbia

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, this research university has a strong class of alumni with seven Nobel Prize winners and two alumni that went on to become Canadian prime ministers.

McGill University

Ranked 44th best university in the world, McGill University is second of two Canadian universities in the Association of American Universities. It is located in the French-speaking Montreal, Quebec but fluency in French is not required.

University of Montreal

Nearby McGill is University of Montreal which is a French school. It is also a public research university boasting the second most students of Canadian universities with over 55,000 students. It is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this university employs over 15,000 people in Alberta making it the fourth largest employer in the area. There best known for their English Language and Literature program.

McMaster University

McMaster is ranked 141st best university in the world by US News. The school is located in Ontario, Canada and its medical school is well known for its expertise in clinical medicine.